Master-Fit® Ultra-Low NOx

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Master-Fit® Ultra-Low NOx
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  • Fan Assisted Combustion- The blower is built into the low NOx burner assembly. Complies with California SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 and other air quality management districts with similar NOx emission requirements of 14 ng/J or 20 ppm.
  • Air-Flapper- A stainless steel air flapper is used inside the premix system to replace externally mounted flue damper to minimize the standby heat loss and to minimize the overall heater height.
  • Water Connections- For ease of installation, all BTL’s feature water connections on the top, front and rear. “The Eliminator” inlet water connection eliminates harmful scale buildup, extending the life of the product.
  • Fully Automatic Digital Controls with Safety Shutoff

Tech Specs


BTU/HR Input: 199,000-390,000
Gallon Capacity: 81-100
Recovery Cap. 100°F Rise GPH: 119-385
Recovery Cap. 40°F Rise GPH: 298-962


Width (Inches): 27 3/4
Diameter (Inches): 27 3/4
Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs.): 650-850
Height (Inches): 65 - 78 1/4

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