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Residential Electric Water Heaters

A. O. Smith’s line of electric water heaters consists of over 85 different models. From ENERGY STAR® certified to economical standard efficiency, A. O. Smith has the electric water heater for your home.

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Benefits of Electric Water Heaters


No Venting Required

Unlike gas water heaters, A. O. Smith electric units do not require venting to operate, saving space in your home along with initial installation costs.

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Easy Installation

Electric water heaters are quick and easy to install for any home when replacing a similar model with the same electric power needs. A. O. Smith recommends consulting a professional installer for a speedy and proper installation.

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Long Lasting

A. O. Smith electric water heaters are built to last with limited warranties that range in various lengths of time to help ensure that your home has hot water for years to come.

How it Works

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A. O. Smith electric water heaters heat water using one or two electric heating elements. When a hot water fixture is opened, hot water flows out of the water heating unit and through hot water lines in the home. Depending on the unit, the water is either pre-heated using heating elements inside a tank to maintain a set temperature so it’s ready for use or is heated quickly on demand with a tankless unit to save energy.

Electric tank water heaters include a thermostat, a temperature and pressure relief valve, and a drain valve. All of these components are needed to monitor the hot water and ensure efficient, reliable, and safe operation.

Electric tankless water heaters assist in reducing the energy consumption within your home by not having to heat water in storage tanks that goes unused. When sized appropriately, a constant supply of hot water is delivered to your home with ease when you need it. They can be easily installed in places where tank water heaters can’t go, including closets and bathrooms.

Still Have Questions?

Both electric and gas water heaters have their benefits. A. O. Smith has energy-efficient electric and gas water heaters available to fit your needs. In most cases, the energy that powers a water heater will come from the energy source that the home or building is already equipped with. If a home doesn’t have a gas line at all, then the homeowner is not likely to run a new gas line because of the expense associated with doing so. Alternatively, if a home is already configured with gas lines to provide energy to a water heater, then the likelihood of switching to electric is much less.
Electric water heaters have limited warranties of 5-10 years . It may need to be replaced if it's showing signs of corrosion, either on the appliance or in your water supply. Minerals and sediment can also build up, causing the electric water heater to make noise or operate erratically. An aging water heater can also be less efficient, delivering water that's cooler than the set temperature or taking longer to heat water, boosting your electric bill. Depending on the age of your appliance, you may want to repair it or invest in a new one.
Since electric water heaters don't burn fuel or generate exhaust fumes like gas water heaters, they don't need gas lines or ventilation, simplifying installation. Electric water heaters tend to be cheaper than gas water heaters of comparable sizes, potentially reducing your initial costs.
No. Electric water heaters draw their power from electricity. Since they don't depend on combustion to generate heat like a gas water heater, they don't create byproducts or require exterior ventilation.
A. O. Smith electric water heaters have limited warranties that range 5-10 years, although this can be affected by usage. Mineral deposits or buildup from hard water can cause increased wear, for example. To help your electric water heater last longer, flush, clean and inspect it regularly for issues.

Standard Electric Tank vs. Hybrid Heat Pump

Take a closer look at the advantages of each type of water heater.

Standard Electric Tank Water Heaters

  • Hot Water Storage Supply
  • 0.62 UEF

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • Energy Star® Certified
  • Hot Water Storage Supply
  • iCOMM Smart Connectivity
  • Anti-Leak Technology
  • 3.45 UEF
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Find A Local Water Heater Pro

A. O. Smith water heaters are professionally installed by local independent contractors.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Tank Water Heaters

A. O. Smith’s hybrid electric heat pumps are ENERGY STAR® certified, using heat from the surrounding air to heat your water minimizing operating costs and maximizing savings.

Electric tank water heater

Standard Electric Tank Water Heaters

Discover what model is right for your home. Compare energy efficiency, warranty length, and more.

Electric tankless water heater

Point-of-Use Electric Water Heaters

A. O. Smith’s Combi Boilers save space and money by providing space heating and hot water from one unit.

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A. O. Smith is a leading manufacturer of both residential and commercial water heating technologies, including the #1 most specified commercial water heater.

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We combine cutting-edge technology with committed people who take pride in providing the very best support for our customers.

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Our products are put through rigorous quality and endurance testing so now matter where hot water is needed, A. O. Smith can provide a solution you can count on.

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