Custom Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems

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Custom Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems
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  • Complete systems with back-up or supplemental heat from electric heating elements, gas, boiler water, steam or other renewable energy sources.
  • Solar preheat for existing hot water supply systems.
  • Dedicated engineering resource for system sizing.
  • Dedicated engineering design support our engineering staff will work closely with architectural and engineering firms to meet specified requirements.
  • System piping diagrams for storage tanks and collector arrays.
  • Professional system sizing reports detailing solar contribution, collector area, energy consumption, energy savings, carbon offsets and more with tables and graphical charts that simplify data – provide to customers with proposals, quotations and during presentations.
  • Energy metering to confirm system performance and validate solar contribution.

Financial Benefits:

  • Energy costs for water heating reduced up to 70% or more.
  • Complete systems qualify for a 30% federal tax credit of the total installed costs (no cap) through December 31, 2016.
  • Substantial return on investment and system payback.
  • Reduces operating costs - provides a hedge against rising energy costs and inflation.

System Components:

  • Medium to large volume solar storage tanks.
  • Chromagen™ solar thermal flat plate collectors.

Tech Specs


Vertical Specialty Tanks: 140 to 2000 (gal)
Horizontal Specialty Tanks: 200 to 1000 (gal)


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