Emerge™-x Air Source Heat Pump

A. O. Smith’s new series of air-to-water heat pump water heaters are designed to be an energy-efficient, zero on-site emission solution for commercial water heating. It features low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, high coefficient of performance (COP), and a modular design which allows multiple units to be combined.

Product Details
    • High efficiency COP
    • Zero on-site emissions
    • Modular design
    • Low GWP R513A refrigerant
    • Maximum set point of 160°F
    • Single pass or multi-pass
    • Scroll compressor (Copeland) with CoreSense™ protection module
    • ECM variable speed pump
    • Electronic expansion valve
    • Reversing valve
    • 480V 3-phase
    • Indoor or outdoor installation
    • Manifold piping assembly (increases unit depth to 63”)
    • System control panel (remote mountable)

    Available models:
    • AHPA-60 - 66,688 BTU/h
    • AHPA-140 - 136,381 BTU/h
    • AHPA-200 - 203,069 BTU/h
    • AHPA-280 - 272,762 BTU/h
    • AHPA-350 - 339,450 BTU/h