Gold Xi DVE

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Gold Xi DVE
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  • Designed for use as a recovery heater having its own storage tank or booster for supplying sanitizing rinse water for dish washing
  • Advanced Electronic Controls use plain English text and animated icons display detailed operational and diagnostic information
  • Power Circuit Fusing Protects elements and contractors from short circuits, overloading or line surges
  • Available in 50, 80, and 119 Gallon capacity
  • Heavy-duty incoloy elements: provide excellent protection against oxidation and scaling
  • Two anode rods for maximum corrosion protection
  • Glass-lined tank provides long-lasting protection against corrosion

Control Demo

Gold Xi Water Heater Simulator

Tech Specs


Recovery Cap 100°F Rise: 25 - 221
Gallon Capacity: 50 - 120
Hi Cube Trailer Load Factor: 1.19 - 2.08
KW Input: 6 - 54
Number of Elements: 3 - 39


Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs.): 260 - 395
Height (Inches): 55 3/4 - 62 1/4

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Top Service Items


No Hot Water


Tripped ECO


Troubleshooting QR Codes - Blank Display


Troubleshooting QR Codes -
Checking or Replacing a Heating Element


Troubleshooting QR Codes -
Temp Probe Open or Shorted


Replacing the Thermostat


Checking or Replacing Heating Element


Adjusting the Temperature


ECO Fault


No Current Detected


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