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Dairy Barn
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Designed to provide sanitizing hot water required in a dairy barn environment. It is shipped with a base with 4” legs to raise the water heater off the floor to simplify and maintain sanitary conditions.


  •  80 gallon capacity provides water for wash down and cleaning
  • Two 4500-watt zinc plated copper sheathed elements
  • Thermostats are adjustable from 140° to 181°F with a manual reset high temperature cutoff
  • Our COREGARD™ anode rods have a stainless steel core that extends the life of the anode rod allowing superior tank protection for longer than standard anode rods.
  • Enhanced-flow ball type brass drain valve simplifies maintenance and service
  • Meets the standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and current edition of ASHRAE/IES 90.1
  • 3-year limited tank warranty/1-year limited parts.

Tech Specs


Gallon Capacity: 80
KW Input: 4500
Number of Elements: 2
Recovery Cap. 100°F Rise: 18


Diameter (Inches): 24
Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs.): 187
Height (Inches): 64 1/2

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