• ProMax® Gas Water Heaters

    Built with commercial-grade components, the ProLine® gas models are engineered to help lower your energy bills and provide exceptional reliability.

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  • Wide Range of Water Heating Solutions

    The ProLine® family offers a wide range of water heating solutions—from models that help you qualify for gas utility rebates to high recovery models ideal for large families with high demand for hot water. And, our specialty vent gas water heater options can be installed almost anywhere in your home because they can vent up to 40 feet. Our direct vent models feature two-pipe combustion systems that draw clean air from outside the home, eliminating any worries about indoor ventilation.

  • ProLine® Water Heating Solutions


    ProLine® is an economical water heater designed for households that need an exceptional performer and provides long-lasting value. Patented “Eco-Friendly” design reduces NOx emissions by up to 33% and complies with less than 40 ng/j requirements for low NOx.

    ProLine® Plus High Recovery

    Great for big families and high-demand applications, the ProLine® Plus High Recovery model delivers hot water up to 150 gallons in the first hour.

    ProLine® High Efficiency

    The ProLine® Plus High Efficiency line can help reduce homeowner energy bills and also qualifies for most gas utility rebate programs, Energy Star Home Program recommendations and California Title 24 requirements.

    ProLine® Side Loop

    Side Loop units are used for installation with combination space heating/potable water heating applications (i.e.: heat exchanger) or any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop.

    ProLine® Ultra-Low NOx

    Featuring the Ultra-Low NOx Burner System, these water heaters help to reduce NOx emissions by 10-15% and decrease NOx emissions by up to four times.

    ProLine® Ultra-Low NOx High Recovery GCBN

    This model is equipped with a pre-wired, factory-mounted blower. This blower produces a pre-ignition draft of make-up air prior to burner ignition, provides more efficient control of heat and helps ensure an adequate supply of make-up air.

    ProLine® Ultra-Low NOx High Recovery GCN

    The GCN-100 is an atmospheric vent, residential gas water heater with NOx emissions of less than 14 ng/j and meets the thermal efficiency standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and Current Edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

  • ProLine® Specialty Vent Water Heating Solutions

    ProLine® Direct Vent

    ProLine® Direct Vent models install easier in more places, with a one-pipe dual-channel closed system that draws all made-up air from outside of the home, eliminating issues caused by insufficient indoor ventilation.

    ProLine® Power Vent Higher EF

    The ProLine® Power Vent water heaters have been engineered to maximize efficiency and deliver a greater energy factor.

    ProLine® Ultra-Low NOx Power Vent

    The ProLine® Ultra-Low NOx power vent water heaters utilize an innovative burner system, a combination of radiant heat and excess air to comply with SCAQMD Rule 1121 and other Air Quality Management Districts with Similar Requirement for less than 10ng/j for ultra-low NOx emissions. The 0.68 Energy Factor qualifies these models for ENERGY STAR®.

    ProLine® Direct Vent

    ProLine® Closed Combustion Power Direct-Vent Gas Water Heaters offer horizontal and vertical venting options (up to 45 feet) using installer-friendly plastic material.

    ProLine® Side Loop Direct Vent

    Offering a closed combustion dual-channel vent system, the Side Loop Direct Vent models draw combustion air from the outside and vent to the outside of the home.

    ProLine® Side Loop Power Vent

    ProLine® Side Loop Power Vent models will vent using installer-friendly plastic material and also feature an advanced Intelli-Vent™ gas control valve with rugged silicon nitride hot surface igniter.

    ProLine® Side Loop Power Direct Vent

    Offering greater reliability and more venting options, these models vent up to 45 equivalent feet with installer friendly plastic material and also feature an advanced Intelli-vent™ gas control valve with rugged silicon nitride hot surface igniter.

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