XP Circulating Water Heaters

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XP Circulating Water Heaters
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  • Negative regulation (neg/reg) sealed combustion allows constant fan speed adjustment depending on the volume of fuel and air entering the burner.
  • Fully modulating capability prevents energy-stealing short cycling and provides smooth system operation with higher overall system efficiencies.
  • Ultra-Low NOx Operation - Complies with SCAQMD and other air quality districts requiring less than 20 ppm NOx
  • Advanced Control System - Large touch screen display, economy mode with programmable setback
  • Factory Supplied All Bronze Pump and Tank Sensor
  • Up to 96% Thermal Efficiency
  • BTU Input from 150,000 (XWH - 150) up to 800,000 (XWH-800)





    Tech Specs


    Input BTU/HR : 150,000 - 800,000


    Width (Inches): 31-3/8
    Depth (Inches): 18 1/4 - 46 1/2
    Height (Inches): 32 3/4 - 42

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