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Cyclone® XL Water Heaters Keep Guests Comfortable at Nashville-Area Hampton Inn

December 22, 2022

Ashland City, Tenn.— Located in Ashland City, Tennessee—just 30 minutes from downtown Nashville—a new four-story Hampton Inn welcomes travelers from around the globe. Opened to the public on March 3, 2022, the hotel has had consistent occupancy thanks to its proximity to Music City.

A. O. Smith, a leading water heater manufacturer

During planning and construction, hotel general manager Sammy Naquin knew he needed a dependable water heating solution to help provide a continuous supply of hot water for the 75-room hotel, which also includes a full-size kitchen and industrial laundry facilities.

As a 15-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Naquin is familiar with the pain points guests have experienced. “In the past, I’ve had problems getting enough hot water up to the top floors at peak hours when more people are showering, he says, so he knew the water heaters he chose for the Hampton Inn had to guarantee hot water for every room at all times of the day.

“Hampton Inns thrive on being local, Naquin says. “So, it made sense to turn to A. O. Smith, who is right here in Ashland City, for a solution. Naquin worked closely with A. O. Smith to specify two 750,000 BTU/hr Cyclone® XL Commercial Gas Water Heaters, recommended for the hotel’s size and water heating demands.

When specifying a water heater, Naquin needed to be cognizant of the mechanical room’s size constraints. With a smaller footprint than other large commercial properties, the Cyclone XL water heater was the ideal solution to ensure ample hot water and allow adequate room for installation and maintenance.

The Cyclone XL water heater excels in applications with maximum hot water requirements by adjusting the firing rate to meet demand. The unit has a unique dual stainless-steel heat exchange system that utilizes a two-step heat transfer process to deliver thermal efficiencies of 97%. It also comes equipped with A. O. Smith’s iCOMM™ Connectivity Platform, allowing hotel management to remotely monitor and adjust each unit’s settings.

“We have been incredibly pleased with the consistency the Cyclone XL units have provided—the water temperature you get on the first floor is the same temperature you get on the fourth floor, said Naquin. “We’ve been busy since opening and even with reaching room capacity on multiple occasions, we have received positive feedback from guests about always having hot water. It’s good to have one worry off my shoulders and know that we can count on the Cyclone XL units to provide reliable hot water 24 hours a day.

Based on his experience with A. O. Smith, Naquin says he would recommend the Cyclone XL water heater to others in the hospitality industry. “The communication from A. O. Smith was the best I’ve ever experienced from a vendor, Naquin says. “Every time I had a question or needed support, someone from A. O. Smith was there to help. That was a big deal for me.

For the Hampton Inn in Ashland City, Cyclone XL water heaters have proven to be a consistent, reliable solution for hot water—even for a busy hotel just outside of Nashville—showing the value of innovative products coupled with local partnerships.

As public perception of green building continues to evolve, A. O. Smith is proud to carry on its legacy as a champion of sustainability and innovation in the water heating industry.

To learn more about Cyclone XL, visit visit the product page.

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