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A. O. Smith Adds Commercial Heat Pump Line Expanding Its Energy-Efficient Offering

July 24, 2020

Commercial Heat Pump

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and treatment, today announced the launch of 20 new commercial heat pump models, ranging from 25,000 to 250,000 Btu/hr and with modular installation capabilities up to 2 million Btu/hr. The new product line provides contractors, engineers and architects, along with their customers, an innovative, reliable and energy efficient answer for large commercial applications.

As environmental and energy regulations continue to progress in the commercial construction space, A. O. Smith’s commercial heat pump line provides a comprehensive solution, meeting government mandates to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and supporting private company-directed sustainability initiatives.

“Designed with energy-efficiency in mind, these products align with our dedication to provide innovative solutions while meeting energy regulations for even the most demanding hot water needs,” said Matt Schulz, senior manager of commercial new product development at A. O. Smith. “Heat pump technology isn’t new, but as regulations evolve, these products will continue to gain popularity in the commercial space. We want our customers to know that they can count on A. O. Smith to be a resource, regardless of the job.”

Heat pump water heaters are highly efficient. Instead of generating heat, they transfer it from one location to another. Unlike typical HVAC heat pump systems, heat pump water heaters are specially designed to provide hot water using atmospheric heat (air source) or geothermal/waste heat (water source). The air source models cool and dehumidify the surrounding ambient air, cutting down on air conditioning usage and costs. The water source units absorb heat from water sources, including return chiller water, process and groundwater.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, heat pump water heaters work in conjunction with storage tanks and can be tailored to meet specific application requirements. The A. O. Smith line of domestic water storage tanks integrate with most systems, offering a turnkey solution.

The A. O. Smith commercial heat pump line offers six air source, six water source and eight modular water source units. The air and water source models range in capacity from 25,000 to 250,000 Btu/hr and generate 50 to 500 gallons of hot water per hour. Modular water source units range in capacity from 270,000 to 2 million Btu/hr and generate 323 to 2,584 gallons of hot water per hour. All units feature a maximum 160-degree water temperature and an ambient operating range of 40 to 120 degrees.

A. O. Smith commercial heat pumps are designed for both new construction and retrofit projects and work well in large commercial applications, including universities, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants.

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