Demand Response, Time-of-use Options Added to A. O. Smith Mobile App

October 06, 2020

Upgrades emphasize efficiency, boost savings

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and treatment, today announced the launch of its newly upgraded A. O. Smith Mobile App, featuring demand response and time-of-use capabilities. Once connected to the A. O. Smith iCOMM Remote Monitoring platform, the app allows service professionals and homeowners to remotely monitor and control their water heater to improve performance, increase savings and reduce downtime.  A. O. Smith iCOMM™ Remote Monitoring

Upgraded specifically for residential heat pump water heaters, the app allows homeowners to set specific temperatures and operating modes from their phone. It also makes it even easier to save money by integrating a heat pump water heater into the growing number of utility smart grid programs. Customers of utilities with time-of-use rates can further reduce their utility bill by having their heat pump water heater operate when electricity is least expensive.

Utilities can benefit from the app as well with the new demand response feature. Once a homeowner opts into the utility demand response program, the water heater can respond to signals sent directly from the utility, allowing the water heater to be used as a grid asset and helping to reduce utility bills.

“Energy and environmental regulations, at the state and local levels, are influencing the adoption of energy-efficient appliances and building resources,” said Arthur Smith, specialty residential product manager at A. O. Smith. “The updated app and new features provide additional value for industry professionals and customers to choose an eco-friendly heat pump water heater over a standard tank-type unit.”

When it comes to energy efficiency requirements, California’s building codes are some of the most progressive, but regulations have begun to spread across the country. Industry professionals anticipate that most of the country will eventually be impacted by stricter building codes, creating an even larger demand for energy-efficient technology.

“We’re also seeing more builders installing smart appliances to differentiate their properties and meet customer expectations for new homes,” said Ralph Perez, A. O. Smith senior sustaining business manager. “The app allows builders to offer smart home convenience with the utility bill savings of a heat pump water heater.”

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A. O. Smith iCOMM™ Remote Monitoring A. O. Smith iCOMM™ Remote Monitoring
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