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When choosing between an electric or gas water heater, consider the following factors:
  • Type of power in your home. Most homes can accommodate an electric water heater, but not all are hooked up to natural gas.
  • Initial purchase price. Gas water heaters are usually more expensive than electric water heaters and require a bigger upfront investment because of gas pipe configuration and venting.
  • Long-term operating costs. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity in many regions, costing you less over time. Both electric and gas water heaters come in energy-efficient models to help reduce monthly bills.
A tank water heater is equipped with an insulated storage tank that keeps a supply of hot water available, distributing it as needed. As hot water is drawn from the tank, the burner heats more water to replace it. This type of water heater uses energy around the clock to keep water heated, even if it's not being used. A tankless water heater doesn't have the capacity to store water, instead heating water quickly on demand. Tankless models have a gas or electric heating element that comes on when you turn on a hot water tap, heating water as required by faucets or appliances. Tankless units may provide energy savings depending on usage.
A tankless water heater offers significant energy savings because it only heats water when you need it. Tankless water heaters typically require more upfront costs associated with purchase and installation. However, A. O. Smith tankless models come with an industry leading 15 year limited warranty. New condensing gas tankless units come with our latest X3® Scale Prevention Technology, meaning virtually zero lifetime descaling maintenance and three times longer product life.
Yes, you can install tankless water heaters outside in warmer climates where there's no risk of freezing. This helps free up space inside the home. These water heaters are easy to install and have built-in vents, eliminating the need for venting through the wall of a house. A. O. Smith tankless water heaters have internal freeze-protection to withstand the cold when temperatures drop, but you should drain them if there's a power failure to prevent freezing.
Traditional standard tank water heaters are non-condensing, venting hot water vapor outside of the home along with combustion gasses. A condensing water heater is more efficient, keeping more of this heat inside the tank and recycling it to heat more water. Otherwise, both condensing and non-condensing tank water heaters are similar in design, built with insulated tanks. They heat water with a gas burner, store the heated water and reheat additional water as needed.
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