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    Commercial Sizing Diagrams - Food Service

    Description  Series  Sizing Diagram 
    Sizing Date/Two Temperature Copper Heat Exchanger Systems HW-160M-670 AOSSG88010 
    Booster Heater Commercial Gas & Oil AOSSG88021 
    Booster Heater Selection by dishwasher brand Commercial Gas & Oil AOSSG88021 
    Food Service Usage Data   AOSSG88040 
    Food Service Sizing Data Booster Heaters   AOSSG88050 
    Chemical Final Rinse Machines Commercial Oil, Gas, Electric AOSSG88060 

    Commercial Sizing Diagrams - Multiple Dwelling Sizing

    Description  Series  Sizing Diagram 
    Introduction & Scope for sizing Multiple Dwellings (Apartments, Dormitories, Hotels, Motels)   AOSSG88070 
    Hot Water Requirements Apartments AOSSG88080 
    Hot Water Requirements Motels and Hotels AOSSG88090 
    Hot Water Requirements Dormitories AOSSG88100 
    One Hour - Availability Table   AOSSG88130 
    Two Hours - Availability Table   AOSSG88125 
    Three Hours - Availability Table   AOSSG88120 
    One, Two, & Three Hours - Availability Tables DW-720 - DW-1810 AOSSG88140 

    Residential Sizing Diagrams

    Description  Sizing Diagram 
    Residential Water Heater Sizing AOSSG88150 

    Commercial Sizing Diagrams - Miscellaneous Sizing

    Description  Sizing Diagram 
    Introduction AOSSG88160 
    Stand Pipes/Sprinkler Tanks (Table A & B) AOSSG88170
    Stand Pipes/Sprinkler Tanks (Table C & D) AOSSG88180 
    Stand Pipes/Sprinkler Tanks (HW-300 - HW-670) AOSSG88190 
    Ready Mix Concrete AOSSG88200 
    Schools, Office Buildings, Country Clubs, Lunch Counters AOSSG88210 
    Laundries, Power Laundries, Laundry Stores & Car Washes AOSSG88220 
    Churches AOSSG88230 
    Beauty and Barber Shops, Photo Processing Labs, Meat Processing Plants AOSSG88250 
    Miscellaneous Water Usage Data AOSSG88260