Miscellaneous Technical Data

Description Series Misc Data
Wire and Fuse Size Data   PDF
XP Boiler and Domestic Hot Water Efficiency Curves XB1000-3400 and XWH1000-34000 PDF
Genesis® Space Saving Stack Rack   AOSDG61020
Hot Water Safety System Reminders   AOSTD63010
Commercial Boiler Curves   AOSTD63020
Friction Loss Chart   AOSTD63030
Technical Data Venting   AOSTD63060
Conversion Factors   AOSTD63065
Capacities of Cylindrical Tanks in U.S. Gallons   AOSTD63070
Parts per Million to Grains per U.S. Gallons   AOSTD63080
Black Iron or Steel Pipe Friction Loss Chart   AOSTG63090
Double Wall Venting-Single Applicance   AOSTD63100
Technical Data Venting   AOSTD63110
Technical Data Venting   AOSTD63111
Type B Multiple Vent Tables BTC-120 thru 200 AOSTD63120
Venting Oil Fired Water Heaters   AOSTD63130
Fuel Cost Comparisons Charts 1-3 AOSTD63140
Water Heating Formulas   AOSTD63160
Com Heat Pump Performance Tables WH35 thru WH170 AOSTD63170
Burkay® Genesis® Stack Rack Hydronic GB/GW 200-2500 AOSHG30201
Burkay® Genesis® Stack Rack Hot Water Application GB/GW 200-2500 179924-000
Four-Boiler Linear-Temp HW 300-670/DB-720-1810 E128.1
"At A Glance" Quick Installation Tips BTH 300/400 Commercial Gas 197062-002
"At A Glance" Quick Installation Tips BTH 300/400/500 Commercial Gas 197062-003
Installation Instructions BTH 6" Concentric Vent Termination 197313-001
Installation Instructions Sound Baffle Assembly 197432-000
Installation Instructions Genesis® Installation Instruction Kit 212695-000
Dura-Max® Power-Vent Kits AOSHG30400
(No longer in production)
Conversion Kit Instructions DRE/DVE Series 100 100291554
Conversion Kit Instructions DEN/DEL Series 100 195199-000
Generic FVIR Repair Parts Instructions   184533-001