Product Literature: Cyclone® Mxi Modulating Condensing Top-Fired Water Heater (104 series)

The Cyclone® Mxi features power vent and power direct vent design, allowing clean uncontaminated air to be drawn directly into the unit with the flue gas products vented through the ceiling or directly through the wall to the outside

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Cyclone MXI: Application and Installation

Cyclone MXI: Blocked Air Intake Error

Cyclone MXI: Blocked Exhaust Error

Cyclone MXI: Hardware Failure - Flame Rod Short


Cyclone MXI: Controls Overview

Cyclone MXI: Ignition Failure Error

Cyclone MXI: Low Gas Pressure Error

Cyclone MXI: No Blower Speed Feedback Error

Marketing Videos
Cyclone MXI: Features and Benefits
Cyclone MXI: How It Works