A. O. Smith Returning to 2018 International Builders’ Show

December 12, 2017

A. O. Smith, a leading manufacturer of hot water systems for homes and businesses, is returning to the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) on January 9-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The exhibit space (Booth #W6241) will feature a variety of tank and tankless water heating products and accessories.

“As a full-solution hot water provider, we strongly believe that A. O. Smith can help dedicated, high-performance builders add value by specifying the right residential water heating systems for their projects,” said David Chisolm, vice president of marketing at A. O. Smith. “Our booth at IBS will show builders that A. O. Smith has a hot water solution for every residential application ranging from tankless to heat pump as well as conventional technologies.”

A. O. Smith will showcase the following products:

• A number of tankless products including its Simplicity Series of concentric venting, non-condensing tankless water heaters, designed to make installations simple and flexible through a new modular concentric vent system. Simplicity Series meets ultra-low NOx requirements that make it suited for installations from coast to coast.

• The ProLine® XE Combi Boiler for residential applications, which offers easy installation and serviceability, true instantaneous response time and a user-friendly interface. The product features pre-heat and domestic hot water response modes that enable the unit to deliver hot water almost instantaneously during frequent use cycles, like washing dishes. For space heating, this combi boiler also provides comfort and energy savings, immediately stopping non-heated air from circulating when it is switched from space heating to domestic hot water mode.

• The 540P Series Condensing Tankless with Integrated Recirculating Pump, which provides instant hot water while being environmentally friendly with a UEF of up to 0.95. Additionally, the pump is easily controlled with a simple user interface and multiple pump settings, which allow for customized operation to both meet hot water needs and maximize efficiency.

• The Tankless Rack System, fitted with CT-199 tankless units, simplifies a wide variety of commercial tankless configurations. It provides builders prefabricated gas and water lines that link as many as 20 high-efficiency condensing tankless heaters. The system simplifies heater maintenance because each unit can be easily isolated while other heaters continue with normal operation.

• ProLine® Master Electric product models, which offer an 8-year warranty and include commercial-grade component upgrades not available on other standard residential products. ProLine Master Electric features larger commercial-grade stainless steel core anode rods that provide exceptional tank protection, as well as longer-lasting stainless steel upper and lower elements.

• Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump water heaters, which can reduce water heating costs by as much as 71 percent for some homeowners, equaling up to $428 in savings annually compared with standard electric units. Savings can be even higher in states with high electricity rates. The energy-efficient Voltex also qualifies for a number of state and utility rebates through the Advanced Water Heater Specification and ENERGY STAR®.

• Polaris® High Efficiency condensing gas water heaters, which feature an enhanced ultra-low NOx modulating gas burner that ensures high efficiency operation at lower input rates. Polaris maintains years of reliability with a durable tank and heat exchanger built of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It operates at a cost-saving thermal efficiency of up to 96 percent.

• The Vertex™ family of natural gas and propane water heaters provide a long-lasting, energy-efficient supply of hot water. At 96 percent thermal efficiency (0.86 UEF), it is ENERGY STAR® qualified. Vertex’s user-friendly electronic interface and power direct vent to power vent convertibility make it an easy installation option.

IBS is the largest annual light construction show in the world, every year attracting 60,000 visitors from 100 countries. The show brings together more than 1,400 top manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe in 570,000 net square feet of exhibit space, showcasing the latest and most in-demand products and services.

About A. O. Smith
A. O. Smith Corporation is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of residential and commercial water heaters and boilers. A. O. Smith offers its customers an additional competitive advantage in that the company designs, builds, distributes and field supports the world’s broadest and deepest line of residential and commercial water heaters, as well as commercial boilers. This single-source concept simplifies ordering, installation and service and is backed by more than 80 years of research and innovation. For more information, visit http://www.hotwater.com/. For the most up to date industry news, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.