A. O. Smith mobile iCOMM™ app gives facility managers industry-leading remote control, monitoring

March 17, 2017

Inside the third-story laundry room of a college dormitory in Central Florida, two A. O. Smith Cyclone® Mxi commercial water heaters are serving up hot water to more than 200 students. From showering and washing clothes to cooking and cleaning, the dual Cyclone Mxi system is providing an ample supply of hot water that college-age students can’t live without.

Today the system is working flawlessly, according to the new iCOMM™ Connectivity Platform—a function of the A. O. Smith mobile app for iOS and Android that allows building owners, facility managers and contractors to remotely monitor and control Cyclone Mxi high-efficiency gas commercial water heaters. The Cyclone heaters upload performance data to the A. O. Smith app using the building’s wireless network.

Whether university facility managers and contractors are tending to routine maintenance in the performing arts building across campus or watching the ballgame in a recliner at home, the mobile iCOMM Connectivity Platform gives them convenience and control in the palm of their hand.

Remote monitoring, fault notification
When a member of the university facility management team opens the iCOMM Connectivity Platform on the A. O. Smith app from an internet-ready smartphone to review the dual Cyclone Mxi system’s performance a green check mark pops up next to both Cyclone heaters in the dorm, signaling that the system is working properly. The water temperature is set at 130 degrees with a differential of 5 degrees.

From the mobile app the university contractor can change the water temperature, review a variety of Cyclone functions in real time, and even check performance history. The iCOMM Connectivity Platform will also send a notification through the phone app when a fault occurs. Users will see a description of the fault and suggested troubleshooting.

“With more than a dozen student housing buildings on campus, the university’s facility team was interested in the iCOMM mobile monitoring solution to eliminate needless trips to the building for performance check-ups and to receive fault notifications in real time,” said Matt Schulz, senior manager of commercial new product development at A. O. Smith. “The iCOMM Connectivity Platform is the perfect tool for contractors who want to shorten or eliminate the loss of hot water, which can lead to lost revenue or upset residents.”

Even though this university dorm utilizes just two Cyclone water heaters, the iCOMM Connectivity Platform can work with any size fleet. Whether it’s a large restaurant, a hospital or a hotel, the iCOMM Connectivity Platform will monitor every connected water heater at the same time and help facility managers address hot water problems before they escalate.