Plumber in Hot Water

    Product Literature

    Tankless vs. Vertex™

    Plumber in Hot Water

    Case Notes

    Project: A Plumber Chooses Vertex Over Tankless

    Location: Overland Park, Kansas

    Product: Vertex™ Water Heater


    Product Highlights:
    • 76,000 BTU power-vent gas water heater
    • 90% thermal efficiency
    • 127-gallon first hour delivery
    • 92-gallon recovery @ 90°F rise
    • Continuous hot water for back-to-back hot showers
    • Recirculating side taps for combination systems


    Installation: Roger The Plumber

    Overland Park, Kansas, is a quintessentially great American town. Selected by Money magazine in 2006 as one of the Top Ten Best Places To Live, this park-like community ranks as one of the smartest cities in the country, and one-third of Fortune 500 companies have offices in the area. Spread over 63 square miles, it is the second largest city in Kansas, yet retains a small-town feel even as a suburb of metropolitan Kansas City.

    This Midwestern marvel is also home to a distinguished plumbing and repair service company, working with its fifth generation of customers. In 1971, Roger Peugeot assumed control of the family business, now known as Roger The Plumber. Built with a belief in dedication to satisfying customer needs, this prominent company’s success relies upon quality products and superior service, what Peugeot believes is the plumbing contactor’s most important edge against retail competition.

    Despite his company’s history of consumer satisfaction, the savvy marketing-oriented plumbing contractor was called to task by his most important customer—his wife Diane. Believing tankless water heater technology to be the wave of the future, Roger had installed a tankless unit in his own home, which was to become a serious headache.

    “People tend to take hot water for granted—the morning shower, washing clothes and dishes,” said Roger, a contractor/founder of the Plumbing-Heating- Cooling Contractors National Association’s Educational Foundation Board of Governors. “But when a water heater has problems, look out!” After removing a tankless unit from a customer’s home due to disappointing supply issues, Roger knew he could be in for trouble. Although Roger’s family of six had downsized to two, their tankless unit could not keep up with the demand for hot water, and he heard about it daily for three years. From supply deficiencies in the bath and shower to being forced to run water at greater volume in order to keep burners firing when Diane had found the desired temperature for rinsing vegetables in the kitchen, his wife’s refrain became etched in Roger’s mind: “I’m the wife of a plumber, and I have to put up with this every day!”

    Roger knew where he could turn to remedy the situation since A. O. Smith water heaters have been the brand of choice throughout his company’s history of over 50 years. Having relied on the Cyclone Xi™ commercial water heaters for business clients, Roger knew the residential Vertex™ would be the solutionforhistroubles.

    “I had heard of a residential unit using similar technology as the commercial Cyclone and knew it could appease my favorite critic. Installing the Vertex was one of the best and easiest decisions I’ve ever made, in terms of energy and marriage conservation!” Others soon followed Roger’s lead. A husband and wife wanting to learn about tankless technology contacted Roger. They had recently taken three children into their home and wanted to know the best means to meet increased hot water demand. After hearing Roger’s story and learning of extra costs due to numerous adjustments necessary to install a tankless unit (such as additional hot and cold water lines, gas lines, vent piping, electricity access), the family was sold on the Vertex.

    Another pleased group is Roger’s team of service and installation experts. When working on incentive base pay, time is of the essence. To allow his professionals to get to the next job with ease, Roger equipped his trucks with GPS units. Installing a Vertex unit is all about convenience as well, with a similar footprint as conventional tank units and the ability to use existing lines.

    “I can’t say enough about the Vertex. It may be the most significant innovation in water heater technology since A. O. Smith introduced the Cyclone series in 1997,” said Roger. “We sold five Vertex units the first month they were offered, and the flow hasn’t stopped. The Vertex is as close to perfection as any residential water heater ever available.”

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