iCOMM™ Service Gives Peace of Mind

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    Remote Monitoring System Allows Restaurant Owner to Power On The Kitchen

    iComm Peace of Mind (revised)

    Case Notes

    Project: Tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar installs iCOMM service
    Location: Tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar in Nashville, Tenn.
    Product: iCOMM Service

    Product Highlights:
    • Allows remote, Internet connectivity to water heaters
    • Provides leak detection and fault alerts through e-mail or text messaging
    • iCOMM website displays the temperature, heater status, current faults and fault history of each water heater

    Installation: Placement of iCOMM system in Nashville restaurant

    Tayst Restaurant & Wine Bar, a restaurant dedicated to sustainability, brings in fresh ingredients daily from local farms. The use of locally produced foods carries with it a bit of unpredictability such as a constantly evolving menu and flexibility during severe weather. As a result of this ever changing atmosphere, restaurant owner and Chef Jeremy Barlow has to be ready for anything that comes his way.

    For Barlow, the most important part of his restaurant, and consequently the part that requires the most of his attention, is the food—his passion and the reason he opened Tayst in 2004. But due to a previous bad experience with a water heater at another restaurant, Barlow has always felt the need to keep his eye on the back room.

    This changed when Barlow recently installed the A. O. Smith iCOMMTM system, a service that monitors water heaters and boilers and alerts users of any faults or areas of concern regarding their water heating equipment. Barlow can now put all of his attention where it’s most needed rather than having to focus on the status of his water heaters; the iCOMM system watches the water heaters for him.

    “Now, with the iCOMM system, I don’t have any worry, any concern about the restaurant having to shut down because the water heaters have stopped working,” Barlow said.

    The iCOMM system’s remote connectivity to the iCOMM website allows users to proactively manage, monitor and interact with their full fleet of A. O. Smith water heaters from anywhere in the world via the Internet. In addition, the iCOMM system is BACnet compatible. The remote monitoring also provides leak detection and fault alerts for any unit in the fleet through e-mail or text messaging. If Barlow wants to monitor the heaters himself, he has that option. However, because of the iCOMM unit’s alert system, he doesn’t have to.

    “The notification process I receive from the iCOMM unit—a text and an e-mail with an accurate description of the problem—allows my service technician to come out immediately and not have to spend time trying to diagnose what’s wrong with the units,” Barlow said. “He’ll know exactly how to fix it before he even gets out here.”

    “The iCOMM system helps me save time and dollars on the service call,” Barlow added.

    Barlow had his iCOMM system installed with his new Cyclone® Xi gas water heaters. However, he could have used the device with his existing water heater if the model was compatible with the iCOMM system. The iCOMM system is compatible with other A.O.Smith product families, including the Gold Xi commercial electric line and the Custom Xi commercial electric line.

    Tayst is a small, local restaurant with just two water heaters, but the iCOMM system works with any size fleet. Whether it’s a larger restaurant, a hospital or a hotel, the iCOMM system can provide peace of mind by monitoring all of the water heaters at the same time, preventing any loss of business resulting from a water heater problem.

    “With the iCOMM system installed, it doesn’t matter whether I have one heater or a number of them,” Barlow said. “It helps me monitor all of them and lets me get back to running my business.”

    iCOMM™ Service Gives Peace of Mind (PDF)