Family Cries Out For Hot Water Help

    Product Literature

    The A. O. Smith Vertex™ Allows for Continuous Hot Water for Large Family of Six

    Family Cries Out For Hot Water Help

    Case Notes

    Project: Vivio Family Installation

    Location: Springfield, Tennessee

    Product: Vertex™ Gas Water Heater


    Product Highlights:
    • 76,000 BTU power-vent gas water heater
    • 90% thermal efficiency
    • 127-gallon first hour delivery
    • 92-gallon recovery @ 90°F rise
    • Continuous hot water, always delivers “one more hot shower”
    • Recirculating side taps for combination systems


    Installation: Replacement of standard water heater with new high efficiency gas water heater

    Mark and LaVern Vivio are the proud parents of four boys whose ages range from 10 to 15 years old. You have the twins who are 15, Caleb and Jeremiah. Then there’s Jedediah who’s 11, and Elijah who’s 10. But don’t let their ages fool you. Each boy is nearly 6 feet tall and they don’t simply go to school, they are extremely involved in it.

    “Three of the boys play for the high school football team, and my other son is in the band,” said LaVern. “So between their normal school day and practice schedules it’s an understatement to say that our day is quite hectic.”

    And hectic is a good word for it. Their day begins at 4 a.m., and the Vivio household does not slow down until well after dark each night. Before getting an A. O. Smith Vertex™ installed, the family was forced to pattern their schedules around how to make it possible for everyone to get a hot shower.

    “I had a schedule developed for the kids so two would take showers at night and two would take them in the morning, then I would do the laundry during the day while they were gone to school,” said LaVern. “And I had to make sure that I washed the dishes right after dinner so the hot water could recover for the first nightly shower.”

    During football season, the boys also learned to take showers after practice at the school in order to help out with the hot water situation.

    “Once the boys got to the age where they were as busy as my wife and I, and our lifestyle was altered by not having enough hot water, I knew it was time for a change,” said Mark.

    With one call to his plumber, the answer was clear—an A. O. Smith Vertex. “I talked to our plumber about the situation and he suggested the new Vertex,” said Mark. “I was sold when he explained the water heater’s ability to provide continuous hot water.” With one purchase, the Vivios say life has never been the same. “Our daily life has actually changed because of our new water heater,” said LaVern. “We can now go about our day and not worry about when and how to take showers, do the laundry or do the dishes. Our habits have completely changed for the better.”

    The Vivios put their new water heater to the test on their highest traffic shower day of them all, Sunday morning before church. On Sunday mornings, the Vivios all need to take a shower and get ready for church within a very short timeframe. The first Sunday morning with the new Vertex proved to be a success! “I was truly amazed by the Vertex,” said LaVern. “I was last in line out of six people to get a shower and did not have one second of cold water.”

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