Cyclone® Mxi Is Centerpiece of Energy-Saving Upgrade at Amberwood Senior Apartments

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    Case Notes

    Located in Daly City, California, Amberwood Senior Apartments is a 130-unit complex built in 1970. Comprised of two wings connected via a small common area space on the first floor, the two 4-story wings operate with a widely varied mix of systems, including two gas water heaters which provide hot water for its residents. In 2017, with help from the Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancements (BAMBE) program, Amberwood launched an initiative to reduce overall energy costs by 15 percent or more. BAMBE provided a rebate of $750 per unit – a total of $97,500 – to pay for the improvements.


    In addition to upgrading to LED lighting and insulating attics, Amberwood replaced two 500,000 BTU gas water heaters with two A. O. Smith Cyclone® Mxi 300,000 BTU gas water heaters. The two units combined are able to exceed the project’s desired thermal efficiency of 96% and while providing demand-controlled recirculation.


    A. O. Smith Cyclone® Mxi condensing water heaters are designed to provide years of dependable service. Featuring industry-leading technology, models are available from 120,000 to 500,000 Btu/h and all deliver thermal efficiencies of 95% and higher. The unique helical coil heat exchanger limits weld joints for optimal service life while maximizing heat transfer.


    “Amberwood really liked the fact that the Cyclone units dropped them from one million to 600,000 BTUs while improving efficiency,” says Richard Gutierrez from J.J. Commercial Water Heaters, the company that installed the Cyclone units and still maintains the property. “A. O. Smith was the only company that could help us.”


    “The Cyclone condensing water heaters have performed well, and we’ve had lower energy bills since 2017,” says Edgar Tividad, Amberwood facilities manager.


    Project Far Exceeded Its Goals


    The entire upgrade at Amberwood achieved far more than the original goal of 15 percent energy savings:


    ·      25% overall energy savings

    ·      6070 therms saved

    ·      CO2 emissions reduced by 52.3 metric tons