Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

    Product Literature

    Commercial Application Gives Chain Restaurants a Greener Future

    Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

    Case Notes

    Project: CKE Restaurants, Inc., environmentally friendly Carl’s Jr.® restaurant
    Location: Carl’s Jr. in Carpinteria, Calif.
    Product: Cyclone® Xi Gas Water Heater

    Product Highlights:
    • 96% efficiency dramatically lowers operating costs
    • High efficiency, low NOx pre-mix burner delivers maximum efficiency
    • Exhaust and air intake positioned so heater can be installed in corners or flush against wall
    • Four handy venting options using inexpensive 3˝ or 4˝ PVC pipe

    Installation: Placement of Cyclone Xi energy-efficient water heater in new Carl’s Jr. “green” restaurant

    CKE Restaurants, Inc., parent company of Hardee’s® and Carl’s Jr.® restaurant chains, is working toward a greener future. As part of its corporate environmental initiatives, CKE opened a new environmentally friendly flagship restaurant in February 2009. CKE will evaluate sustainability, conservation and energy efficiency at this new Carl’s Jr. in Carpinteria, Calif., approximately 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, to determine future company-wide implementation in an effort to create a greener company.

    “CKE Restaurants is an innovator,” said Andrew F. Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants. “With our ongoing emphasis on corporate environmental initiatives, we are demonstrating that we can be both a good neighbor and a financially sound business. The launch of our first green Carl’s Jr. restaurant will help us view our eco-friendly options in action.”

    The Carpinteria Carl’s Jr. unit installed a Cyclone® Xi model in an effort to achieve higher energy efficiency with their water heating. The Cyclone Xi, an award-winning commercial water heater, offers a higher level of energy efficiency, making it the ideal water heater for CKE’s environmental initiatives.

    The A. O. Smith Cyclone Xi is the industry’s most technologically advanced commercial water heater. The Cyclone Xi family operates at up to 96 percent thermal efficiency with inputs up to 500,000 BTU, providing outstanding hot water output with dramatic savings on operating costs compared to units with standard 80 percent efficiency.

    The Cyclone Xi also features intelligent controls, making it the “smartest” water heater in the industry. The advanced electronic controls with LCD screen—an exclusive A. O. Smith design—provide detailed status information, allow precise temperature control, and include built-in diagnostics to help businesses like the new Carl’s Jr. diagnose problems overnight and during slower business hours.

    The Carpinteria Carl’s Jr. unit is just one part of CKE’s company-wide environmental initiatives. Green features at the flagship restaurant include the installation of ENERGY STAR® rated equipment to help with energy efficiency and conservation, solar reflective roofing material, a rainwater reuse system, a smart irrigation system, and an energy management system.

    “Our commitment to the environment with this green restaurant is more than just lip service, it is a point of pride throughout the company and can be held up as an example for other businesses that sustainability should be a top priority,” Puzder said. In addition to the green steps CKE is taking with the new Carl’s Jr., the company has created a corporate Green Team to ensure that both the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s brands are working together for a greener future.

    Although it’s too soon to tell the results of the Carl’s Jr. experiment, CKE and Carl’s Jr. look forward to efficient hot water with the Cyclone Xi as it helps them cultivate a greener tomorrow.

    Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow (PDF)