• Energy Saver

    The line of A. O. Smith Energy Saver water heaters offers the flexibility to meet the varying needs of Manufactured Housing installations.

    • Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) compliant
    • Top- and side-mounted water connections
    • Patented Green Choice® gas burner reduces NOx emission by up to 33%

Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Seattle, WA 98109

Location #1

Robison Plumbing Service Inc.

Bremerton, WA

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Location #2

Green House Plumbing & Heating

Bellevue, WA

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Location #3

A Quality Plumber Inc.

Everett, WA

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Location #4

Rush Plumbing Inc.

Seattle, WA

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  • Meets Industry Standards

    Our Energy Saver models meet all of today’s governmental requirements for manufactured housing installation. They’re available in either standard vent or direct vent, with your choice of natural gas or propane operation.

  • Electronic Gas Valve

    Our new high-tech gas control is a self-powered gas valve that uses a thermopile to generate the power needed to operate the control. No external power source is required. With fewer moving parts and in¬ternal components, the valve optimizes performance through improved temperature control and accuracy.

  • Brass Drain Valve

    The durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve contributes to improved safety and reliability.

  • DynaClean™ Diffuser Dip Tube

    Thanks to the improved technology, the inlet tube features water jets that redirect incoming cold water into the tank, creating turbulence, which helps reduce lime build-up, therefore maintaining heater efficiency.

  • Gas Energy Saver

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    NAECA 3 Status
    Limited Tank Warranty
    Fuel Type
    First Hour Rating
    Energy Factor
    Thermal Efficiency
    Water Connection Location
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