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    Eliminator™ Self-Cleaning System Protects A. O. Smith Master-Fit® Commerical Line

    Ashland City, TN (Friday, 26 September 2003)

    A. O. Smith Water Products Company has further improved its widely used line of Master-Fit® commercial gas-fired water heaters with the addition of the Eliminator™ self-cleaning lime tamer system on all models.

    Sediment build-up can be a water heater’s worst enemy, especially in commercial applications requiring higher water temperatures. When lime and other sediments accumulate in the tank, they form a barrier between the burner and the water, compromising the efficiency of the water heater. This leads to reduced energy efficiency and increased operating costs. In addition, because sediment tends to build up at critical weld points, excessive heat is concentrated in those areas — making the tank more likely to leak prematurely.

    The Eliminator self-cleaning system helps reduce sediment buildup from settling in the tank by creating rotating turbulence that keeps sediment particles moving. Pressurized incoming cold water is directed to sweep the bottom of the tank and all critical weld areas. The sediment particles are then carried out with the next hot water draw, rather than settling on the tank’s bottom.

    With the Eliminator system in place, Master-Fit BTR and Master-Fit Plus BTI and BTN models can be expected to provide more reliable service and maintain their 80 percent thermal efficiency rating for many years.

    Master-Fit commercial water heaters continue to offer the exclusive benefits and features that have made the line the perfect choice for any commercial retrofit or new construction application. With its 27?-inch diameter, and height that is about a foot shorter than comparable water heaters, Master-Fit units can be installed in the tight spaces that preclude many other commercial units. In addition, Master-Fit models are rated with zero clearance to combustibles on the front, side and rear, as well as approved for placement on combustible flooring.

    To meet end users’ specific needs, Master-Fit units can be installed as individual water heaters or manifolded together with or without storage tanks for high-demand applications, or to meet specific BTU requirements.

    Installers will appreciate the flexibility of the Master-Fit when it comes to water connections. Three options are available on each unit — front, side or rear. This is especially important for replacement applications, since a wide variation in hot and cold water piping configurations is often encountered.

    Master-Fit Plus BTI and low NOx BTN models use an induced-draft design that provides more precise and efficient control of heat through the flue collector — a great option for installation where negative air pressure is a problem. This added control is achieved with a blower that produces a power-induced draft of makeup air just before ignition.

    BTI and BTN models are rated as Category I appliances, which allows them to be commonly vented with other Category I appliances by using standard metal single-wall or double-wall Type B vent pipe. In this type of application, the blower outlet is connected directly to the vent.

    All Master-Fit models are equipped with high-quality parts and materials, including:

    * Exclusive A. O. Smith PermaGlas® Ultra Coat™ lining — applied after the tank is welded — that provides superior protection for every part of the tank that is vulnerable to corrosion.

    * A. O. Smith CoreGuard™ anode rods, which have a stainless steel core for longer life.

    * An on/off power switch that eliminates the need to wire a separate electrical connection box.

    * A thermostat dual controller designed to limit thermal “stacking” inside the tank.

    * An intermittent electronic igniter that eliminates the standard pilot light.

    In addition, all Master-Fit models meet NSF requirements when equipped with an optional leg kit, offer a hand-held cleanout for access to tank interior and have a three-year tank warranty. Master-Fit Plus BTN models come with a low-NOX burner to meet SCAQMD Rule 1146.2, for use in the Southern California and Texas markets.

    Master-Fit BTR offers 14 models with tank capacities from 71 to 100 and BTU inputs from 120,000 to 500,000. The Master-Fit Plus BTI and BTN is available in 10 models, ranging from 71- to 100-gallon tank capacities and 120,000- to 390,000-BTU inputs.

    Headquartered in Ashland City, Tenn., A. O. Smith Water Products Company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of residential and commercial water heaters and hydronic boilers. For more information, contact your local A. O. Smith representative or visit

    Eliminator™ Self-Cleaning System Protects A. O. Smith Master-Fit® Commerical Line (PDF)

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