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Wacker Plumbing Sterling, VA

Wacker Plumbing

22580 Glenn Dr Ste 13 Sterling, VA 20164
| (703) 450-5565 | www.wackerplumbing.com

Company Overview

Wacker Plumbing was established in 1984 in the basement of a townhouse, and has since grown to be one of the finest plumbing contractors in Northern Virginia. Thanks to our loyal and competent staff, we continue to grow and offer quality service at competitive prices. Our service staff have over 90 years combined experience and rate #1 in Checkbook Magazine. The pride they take in their work shows and contributes to our success, making Wacker Plumbing the top rated company it has become. Whether you are in need of home plumbing, maintenance, or repairs, Wacker Plumbing can meet all of your needs. Call us today.

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