Johnny Unitas Jr. Turns to A. O. Smith for Game-Changing Savings

February 24, 2023

Johnny Unitas Jr., son of legendary NFL quarterback Johnny Unitas, was seeking a new high-efficiency water heater for his Baltimore, Maryland home. Because of the Unitas family’s long-standing relationship with A. O. Smith through the company’s sponsorship of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, he knew right away that he wanted an A. O. Smith water heater installed in his home. To ensure top-notch performance, energy efficiency and utility savings, Unitas decided to install A. O. Smith’s newest and most efficient residential water heater, the Voltex® AL (anti-leak) Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH).

“It was an easy choice to make—they’re the best in the business and my old heater didn’t come close,” Unitas Jr. said. “My family’s partnership with A. O. Smith goes back many years, so I know they’re a brand I can trust with my home’s hot water needs.”

A. O. Smith remains a long-standing sponsor of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award — a prestigious honor that recognizes the nation’s top upperclassmen quarterback in college football. It made sense for Unitas Jr. to go with an A. O. Smith water heater — he knew the unit would provide reliable performance and peace-of-mind for his family.

After learning that the Voltex AL HPWH could save him up to 78% on water heating bills, Unitas Jr. knew that the unit was the right choice for his home. Contractors at W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling of Annapolis, Maryland, removed the previous 15-year-old unit and installed the Voltex AL HPWH in his basement. Installation was simplified thanks to the product’s versatile, zero-clearance design and top and front water connections. As the industry’s only residential heat pump water heater with both top and front connections, the Voltex AL model is a great option for plumbers looking to replace a standard water heater with a heat pump water heater. The installation flexibility decreases the time and effort required to install the product in both existing and new homes.

“Installing A. O. Smith’s Voltex AL heat pump water heater was an absolute breeze,” said Carl Lebo, project manager for W.L. Staton. “Once we got the old water heater out of there it was smooth sailing installing the Voltex AL. Thanks to A. O. Smith’s integrated smart connectivity capabilities, John is able to control the unit from his phone, where he can also let us know if he needs any maintenance.”

The Voltex AL HPWH comes equipped with the fully integrated iCOMM™ connectivity platform, which Unitas Jr. can use to remotely monitor and adjust his unit to ensure improved performance and savings. Meanwhile, the unit’s new leak detection technology can deliver immediate alerts of detected leaks through an integrated mobile phone app. The smart anode adapts to local water conditions to protect and extend the water heater’s life. Plus, demand response and time-of-use capabilities make it even easier to save money by integrating the Voltex AL HPWH into the growing number of utility smart grid programs.

The Voltex AL unit is an incredibly cost-effective, energy-efficient option for homeowners who want to save money on their utility bills. The Voltex AL HPWH can reduce water heating costs up to 78% and save homeowners up to $607 a year, providing payback in two to three years in some cases.

As an industry leader and expert in water heating and water treatment, A. O. Smith continues to innovate new products to provide homeowners with energy- and cost-effective solutions. The introduction of the Voltex AL HPWH to its suite of hybrid electric heat pump water heaters, will allow more homeowners like Unitas Jr. to take advantage of the durability, efficiency and peace of mind that comes with a high-performing heat pump water heater.