Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump 50-Gallon Water Heater

Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump 50-Gallon Water Heater

Model SHPT-50


The Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump reduces water heating cost by up to 66% through an innovative design that pulls environmental heat while dehumidifying and cooling the ambient air at the same time.

The SHPT-50 uses heat pump technology to deliver tremendous savings, by generating heat through the heat pump technology instead of the heating elements. It offers premium features including a user-friendly display, vacation mode to save money while you are away, and a heavy duty anode that protects your tank for 10 years. In addition to the heat pump technology, this model also has two heating elements that help the water heater recover quickly during periods of high demand.

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Where to Buy

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Product Features & Options

Increased Energy Efficiency

Improved efficiency designed in, to ensure available hot water at the lowest possible cost. Up to 2.75 Energy Factor (EF) Rating conserves energy and meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications.

Choice of Operating Modes

Select from Efficiency, Hybrid or Electric modes to match heating requiremnets to environmental conditions

Electronic User Interface

User-friendly electronic interface allows easy control of temperature setting, operating modes and communicates diagnostics

Protective Anode

Protects the tank from the corrosive effects of hot water, to ensure long tank life

How it Works

The Voltex Hybrid Electric water heater utilizes heat pump technology to provide a more efficient way to heat water with electricity.
• Heat from the surrounding air is pulled into the heat pump through a fan at the top
• The heat is absorbed by the refrigerant in the heat pump's evaporator coil
• The temperature of the refrigerant is increased as it is pumped by a compressor
• Hot refrigerant is passed through the condenser coil around the tank and transfers the heat to the water

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limited warranty


energy factor

UL Listed means that the product met UL's safety requirements
CSA International Low Lead Content Certification in compliance with U.S. and Canadian safety standards on gas components
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
CSA International Design Certification The CSA Blue Star indicates the product is certified to applicable U.S. standards for appliances using gas or other petroleum fuel

Product Specifications

Tech Specs
Gallon Capacity: 50
First Hour Rating: 68
Energy Factor: 2.75
Upper Element Wattage: 4500
Lower Element Wattage: 4500
Max Wattage: 4500
Limited Tank Warranty: 10 Years
Limited Parts Warranty: 10 Years
Anode: Sacrificial
Foam Insulation: 2"
T&P Relief Valve: Yes
Water Connection Location: Side
Water Connection Size: 3/4"
Digital Display: Yes
Dimensions & Venting
Type: Regular
Height: 63"
Diameter: 22"
Width: 22"
Depth: 22"
Shipping Weight: 196lbs/89kg


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Cash for Appliances is designed to encourage the purchase of energy efficient appliances. Consumers who purchase ENERGY STAR® or CEE qualified appliances can receive cash rebates. Most states are offering rebates in the $50 to $250 range.


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Need More Hot Water?

There's no reason to run out of hot water. If you're not sure that the SHPT-50 provides enough hot water for your needs, consider these:


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