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    Vertex™ Featured On National Home Design Show

    Ashland City, Tennessee (Friday, 22 December 2006)

     The new A. O. Smith high- efficiency Vertex ™ residential water heater will be featured this weekend on Designing Spaces, a series that shows viewers how to make their homes more functional. The episode will air nationally on TLC on Dec. 23, at 7 a.m., and on Women’s Entertainment Network on Dec. 24 at 7 a.m.

    This week’s episode will feature the Vivio family from Springfield, Tenn. The Vivio’s are a family of six who, before the Vertex, were in constant need of hot water. Since the installation of the unit, the family says even that last person gets a hot shower.

    “Our daily life has actually changed because of our new water heater,” said LaVern Vivio, wife and mother of four boys. “We can now go about our day and not worry about when and how to take showers, when to do the laundry or do the dishes. Our habits have completely changed for the better.”

    And LaVern says her family has put the unit to the test on the shower’s highest traffic day, and it passed with flying colors.

    “On Sunday mornings, we all need to take a shower and get ready for church within a very short timeframe. The first Sunday morning with the new Vertex proved to be a success,” said LaVern. “I was truly amazed as I was last in line out of six people to get a shower and did not have one second of cold water.”

    Vertex was developed by A. O. Smith in partnership with one of the nation's leading design engineering firms as part of a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program. The 90 percent efficient Vertex will deliver significant savings on operating costs compared to "standard" 78 percent efficient water heaters. And with an estimated 127- gallon first hour delivery and 93 GPH recovery, the hot water capability of Vertex rivals that of a conventional 75-gallon tank-type unit. With a continuous flow of over three gallons per minute at 45ºF temperature rise, Vertex promises "endless hot water." Consumers can rest assured that there is always hot water in the tank for that last morning shower.

    Simplified installation gives plumbing contractors a solution for applications where an existing 40- or 50-gallon tank type unit is already installed and needs replacing. The height, diameter and placement of water and gas connections on the Vertex unit are identical to standard gas units. And its power-vent design delivers installation versatility, allowing vertical or sidewall venting using 2", 3" or 4" PVC pipe.

    In addition, side-mounted hot and cold recirculating taps allow Vertex to be installed as part of a combination space heating/water heating application, radiant floor heating system or any system requiring a recirculating hot water loop.

    About A. O. Smith Water Products:

    Headquartered in Ashland City, Tenn., A. O. Smith Water Products Company is a one of the world's largest manufacturers and marketers of residential and commercial water heaters and hydronic boilers. A. O. Smith offers contractors an additional competitive advantage in that the company designs, builds, distributes and field supports the world’s broadest and deepest line of residential and commercial water heaters, as well as commercial boilers. This single-source concept simplifies ordering, installation and service and is backed by 70 years of research and innovation. For more information, visit

    About Designing Spaces:

    Created by Quorum Productions, this half hour informative series inspires and instructs viewers on the smartest ways to make their homes more beautiful and functional. Designing Spaces interviews leading experts in design, hardware, architecture, and real estate and offers something of interest for every viewer. From advice on large scale renovations to simple tips on making everyday tasks easier to decorating on a budget, this is the one show that provides you with all the comprehensive information you'll need. Designing Spaces is seen Saturday and Sunday mornings on TLC and on the Women's Entertainment Network between 7:00 & 10:00 am.

    About Quorum Productions:

    This Florida-based production company is nationally renowned for creating excellent quality programming that educates and informs in an entertaining and compelling manner. Their shows are geared towards disseminating vital solutions to life's problems. These programs not only touch the hearts of their viewers but help them make important decisions which impact their lives. Guests on Designing Spaces have included representatives from companies such as Intel, AT&T, HP, Martha Stewart, Chase Bank, Prudential Real Estate, and many others.

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