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    Slash Energy Use by 50 Percent or More with A. O. Smith’s VoltexTM Hybrid Electric Water Heater

    ASHLAND CITY, TENN. (Friday, 09 April 2010)

     A. O. Smith reaches new heights of energy efficiency with the Voltex Hybrid Electric Water Heater, the only type of electric water heater in the industry that is ENERGY STAR® rated. With its enhanced energy efficiency, the Voltex can pay for itself in energy savings in three years or less, depending upon the application.

    The Voltex requires less than half the amount of energy as a standard electric water heater to operate, making it well-suited for the environment and cost conscious homeowners. The difference in utility bills is significant: up to $203 annually for a Voltex, compared to as much as $575 for a conventional electric model depending upon local utility rates. Installation is very similar to a conventional electric model with the addition of a condensate drain.

    At the heart of the Voltex is A. O. Smith’s new heat pump technology. This system operates essentially like an air conditioner in reverse, pulling heat out of the surrounding air and transferring it to the water in the tank. The homeowner can choose to operate the Voltex in one of three modes. In “efficiency” mode, the water heater relies almost entirely on the heat pump. In “hybrid” mode, it switches back and forth between the heat pump and standard electric heating elements depending on the hot water demand. In “electric” mode, the Voltex operates like a standard electric water heater.

    Thanks to its energy efficiency, the Voltex is eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of 30 percent of its total installed cost up to $1,500. In addition to the Federal Tax Credit, many states and local utility companies have developed rebate programs to encourage the adoption of this new technology.

    “Innovation in water heating is the driving force for A. O. Smith,” David Chisolm, brand manager of    A. O. Smith Water Products, said “There haven’t been changes of this magnitude in electric water heating for quite some time, so the Voltex is truly an exciting product that has tremendous potential. With the Federal Tax Credit and other incentives added on top of the significant savings that the Voltex will produce, it really is a great time to adopt this new technology.”

    About A. O. Smith:
    Headquartered in Ashland City, Tenn., A. O. Smith Water Products Company is North America’s leading manufacturer and marketer of residential and commercial water heaters and hydronic boilers. A. O. Smith offers contractors an additional competitive advantage in that the company designs, builds, distributes and field supports the world’s broadest and deepest line of residential and commercial water heaters, as well as commercial boilers. This single-source concept simplifies ordering, installation and service and is backed by more than 70 years of research and innovation.

    Slash Energy Use by 50 Percent or More with A. O. Smith’s VoltexTM Hybrid Electric Water Heater (PDF)

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